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OTARKI’s Ecosystem Alliance (OEA)


The vision of OTARKI Ecosystem Alliance (OEA) is building the future of living: a global network of self-sustainable neighborhoods.


The sustainable neighborhood is a complete living ecosystem: human and social aspects, economy and business, food and energy, and more. 

Hence, no single organization can supply all of these needs.

Therefore, OTARKI is constructing an alliance of companies and organizations that:

  1. Want to take part in OEA vision.

  2. Want to benefit the end-to-end product experiencing and testing environment of OTARKI: 

    1. Customer base - enjoy our sales effort and get ready to deploy customers without any sales effort.

    2. Plug and play deployment - our engineers will install your system and integrate it, after integration with us for the first time.

    3. No hands maintenance - using OTARKI’s site representations for ongoing maintenance.  

    4. Customer feedback - using OTARKI’s automatic data collection, monitoring, and surveying in order to learn about your own product advantages, bugs, and get customer testimonials. 

  3. Have a fit between OEA organizations: values, can-do approach, innovative approach. 

  4. Fit between the specific product to OEA needs, in the present and future.


Any company or organization that wants to join OTARKI's journey is welcomed to contact us.

We will discuss how we can create synergy together, and for those who will find a fit with OEA, we will set a few meetings in order to define: value creation together, integration design, solution specifics, and more.

OEA members have a periodic meeting for development and updates regarding new projects and general progress.


To join OEA - please contact us with no delay at:

Or answer this form

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