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Building the Future OF Living

Self sustainable neighborhoods supported by autonomous technology

we are a team of experienced high-tech entrepreneurs who develop the otarki model, which includes social, real estate, and finance modules to deliver well-being to local communities, even in a global crisis. 


We deliver an end-to-end solution to support the development of urban neighborhoods.
Our solution optimizes funding and operating life using AI, FinTech, Blockchain and Green tech by increasing economic resiliency.

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One monthly rent fee covers all living and maintenance services, eventually bringing the neighbors closer to owning an actual stake instead of throwing money away on rent each month.

everyone shares in the success and income generated by the sharing economy, with equal ownership and stable network.

How it works
self Sustainable living 
OTARKI Building Blocks 

Being self-sustainable is being able to produce your needs, with minimum dependency on external sources. OTARKI technologies enable you to produce your healthy food, energy, and ongoing communication, even in crisis times.

By those, we achieve high life quality at lower costs.

OTARKI's economy model handles all aspects of life: funding, housing, insurance, business, and production of food and energy. Our local economy will grow and empower our member families, and the surrounding, and create both business value and real estate value.
By our economy model, we achieve stable value creation for our members and investors from both active and passive sources.

New economy model

OTARKI enables governance structures and methods, including voting, contracts, decision making, and other life-supporting services, by secured autonomous technology that answers all autonomous community needs. 
By these governance methods, we achieve focused and effective management, transparency, and strong foundations for our economy and society.

Autonomous governance 

OTARKI provides affordable living, in a safe environment that generates an ecological and economic impact for its members, surrounding neighborhoods, and earth.

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